Capturing ideas

Why do ideas hit you at the most inopportune moments? Driving a car, in the park, making dinner, even changing a nappy. I’ve had ideas for my novel in all these situations with no easy way to record them. You do your best to remember them but by the time you are ready to jot them down they are either gone or have lost their clarity. I wonder how much brilliance has been lost through a random interruption or through the lack of a pencil.

Paul McCartney famously dreamt the song “Yesterday” and wrote it down quickly after waking in the night before going back to sleep. Paul McCartney obviously didn’t have a sleep deprived wife next to him at the time…..


2 thoughts on “Capturing ideas

  1. welshstream

    Tip No1: NEVER be without a notebook and pen/pencil!
    Tip No2: Become a watcher of people and places …. take notes. They may be of no use but get you into a sort of rhythm .. but then when you’re looking for a character you suddenly remember that bloke you saw in Costa Coffee .. the way he dressed, his manarisms etc.

  2. Shaun

    I always use the notepad or voice recorder on my phone. I’m not writing a novel but often have stupid ideas for other stuff.


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