This is more fun than I thought

As probably mentioned already, I had a very romantic notion about writing, which was very quickly quashed by a few days of Internet research. One of the things that often gets mentioned is what hard work writing is, how you need to knuckle down and plan carefully before you start actually writing your novel.

It must be how I’m programmed but so far, doing all the background work such as structuring the plot and defining the characters has been great fun. My last post was all about the frustration of finding plot holes and glitches in your idea, but actually it’s just a great big puzzle where the only set of rules are logic and realism.

Over the past week and a half I’ve written over 10,000 words and I still haven’t written a single word of my novel. As it stands, its unlikely that I’ll write a word of my novel for at least a few weeks more, but do you know what? I’m loving it!


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