3 days, 2 Chapters, 24 pages and 8000 words

I’m a few days into the writing process and here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

  • I need a few more characters than I first envisaged
  • It’s much easier to write descriptions if it’s based on somewhere I know well
  • Picking character names is much easier with the help of a random name generator
  • When it comes to understanding the more esoteric aspects of technology, wikipedia is my friend
  • I love writing

My plan is to carry on writing all the way through the first draft without stopping. Apparently (according to Will Self) it’s the best way of making sure you capture everything while it’s still fresh. Once complete, I can then spend a lot of time editing and rewriting the things I’m not happy with. However, the temptation to play with what I’ve already written is huge. I already know how I want to alter the first section of Chapter 1 to make it even more interesting and there is a large piece of exposition (also in Chapter 1) that I want to break up and disguise as the book goes on (I must remember: Show not Tell, Show not Tell).

It may be a while before I post again as I really am trying to avoid distractions, but please don’t stop sending in comments, support and tips, either here or through Facebook. They all really are appreciated and I promise to come back to you all properly once I trust myself a bit more.


6 thoughts on “3 days, 2 Chapters, 24 pages and 8000 words

  1. Hilary Billings

    Hey there!

    If you can, pick up a copy of “Novel Writing”, the Reader’s Digest guide to getting to a final draft of your first novel. I’ve been finding it highly helpful and I think you will too!

    Keep on trucking!

    1. dylanhearn Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion Hilary. I’ll definitely look it up. Once I’ve broken the back of the first draft, I’m probably going to pull together everything useful that either people have sent me or that I’ve discovered on the net, as a resource for anyone else who wants to start writing.

  2. Amanda

    Edit when you want to! If you come up with something now that you think will sound better than what you’ve already written, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to remember it later. And don’t be afraid to write scenes out of order, either. For the first two books of the trilogy I wrote many of the chapters out of sequence. I still do that, if I’ve got an idea for the climax that I need to get down before I actually get there, or if I’ve got a turning point (or “beat”, as Blake Snyder would put it) that I have to write out so I don’t lose it. Do what feels right to you. And when you’re ready to move on to the massive editing stage, sign up for Angela James’s “Before You Hit Send” self editing course. Incredibly helpful stuff.

    Good luck!

    1. dylanhearn Post author

      Thank you for the really supportive comments. As I get further and further along, I’m learning so, so much. I still want to keep pushing on without going back until the first draft is finished, just because I have so much inside of me that needs to get out (it’s also how I’m used to working in my professional life) but I am making copious notes to ensure Im well prepared for the first major rewrite!
      Once again,thank you so much, I really appreciate that you took the time to give me great feedback and a motivational boost.

      1. Amanda

        Not a problem 🙂 You’ll find the online writer’s community is incredibly supportive. It’s how we roll.

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