Creative writing courses

My book writing has slowed a little the past couple of days while I look after my 16 month old who has his first case of man flu (which as any man will tell you, can be deadly). While this has temporarily slowed progress on my first draft, in the small snatches of time where he doesn’t need attention I have been able to do a couple of things that I’ve been putting off.
The first is more research on the more technical aspects of the novel. I now have at least a basic understanding of the technology behind In vitro meat and human growth hormone, a phrase I never thought I’d ever write.
Secondly I’ve been able to have a look at a couple of free creative writing courses. The two I am looking at are the Open University’s Creative writing – Fiction (also available online here – thanks Jo) and Creative Writing: A master class, both available on iTunesU which has always been part of iTunes but now been updated with it’s own app in the latest iOS 6 release for iPhone and iPad. I’ll review each in detail separately in later blogs but I really do recommend you to look at them purely on the strength of their many interviews with famous authors, all talking about different aspects of their craft. What comes across is that there are many different ways to approach writing and that you need to find what works for you. At the same time there are certain areas you need to think through carefully before starting off and each Author provides ideas to help you think each stage through properly. And they’re free! So what’s stopping you from having a look?


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