95 pages and counting….

It’s been a while since I last posted. I won’t apologise, however as I’ve been busy. Very busy in fact. As you may have guessed from the post heading, the book is progressing well. By the end of writing today (i.e. just before collecting the oldest from school) I was at just over 32,000 words which, according to how I’ve set up my word processor, comes to 95 pages. Seeing as one of my early concerns was whether I would have the aptitude to write a book, I’m pretty chuffed with the progress so far.

So, what new things have I learnt:

  1. I really shouldn’t read anything by a great author (Jonathan Frandsen, take a bow) while writing my own book. While it’s a great lesson in the craft, it’s also quite depressing
  2. Chapter 1 needs to be re-written (this is in no way related to point 1), I already know how but I plan to follow the advice from Will Self and just continue writing until I’ve finished the full 1st draft, as it’s more important to get it down at this point.
  3. My characters are taking the story into areas I hadn’t thought of, which is both exciting and a little disturbing (who’s in charge here for crying out loud)
  4. Even though I’m at a much faster pace than I thought I would, I’m still less than a 5th of the way through the first draft (and that’s not including any potential future plot changes). This is going to take even longer than I thought.
  5. The person I thought would be the main character of the story, isn’t
  6. This is a good thing
  7. I’m still really enjoying it

I’m also having a lot of fun playing with the future. Those rabid squirrel / octopus hybrids were a real shocker (this is a joke, before you start to get too concerned, although there could be an interesting short story in that idea for someone who wants to take it up, I won’t charge).

Thanks again to everyone who has been supportive through the process so far. It’s really appreciated.




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