Time to think

So, for the past few days life has intruded upon my writing. My youngest has been ill and it’s fallen to me to be the one to care for him during both night and day (it’s just a virus if you were wondering, nothing to worry about unless you are 18 months old and it’s in your system.) This has meant I haven’t been able to write a thing, nada, not a sausage. However, I haven’t stopped thinking about the novel, which is good because………… all is not well.
To begin with I realised that I have a plot hole as big as Donald Trump’s ego. Then, in order to fix it, I need to rejig a couple of chapters (they were due a re-write anyway, so I’m not too worried) but worse than that, I have to cull a supporting character. This will be tough, it’s a character I quite like and now nobody will ever get to know them. They have died before they were ever born.
The good news is that the novel will be better for it. Another character will have to take up the slack and this will make them a much more rounded, realistic person. I wasn’t too happy with how I had written them up to this point, you could almost see them twirling their moustache whilst strapping a damsel to a rail track they were so one dimensional (yes, they were also down for a re-write) but now I can have real fun and have a number of ideas to make them a much more nuanced character.
The moral of the story? If you are having trouble with your plot, I recommend sleep deprivation.


4 thoughts on “Time to think

  1. gabrielablandy

    Hi, thanks for following. I totally agree that often the time we can’t spend writing can be some of the most fruitful. Sadly in your case it’s because your son is ill. I hope he’s better soon. Well done for keeping your sense of humour – it’s not easy when major cuts have to happen.

    1. dylanhearn Post author

      Hi Gabriella, thanks for dropping by. I think it’s a feature of how I work that I have bursts of activity followed by a period of reflection (either enforced or otherwise). I’ve worked this way all my professional life and it fits very nicely while writing too. As for having a sense of humour when facing major cuts – I think it’s all to do with………… timing. If I had realised this just as I was finishing my 3rd and final draft, my sense of humour may have been somewhat lacking.
      The good news is that my little boy is fine, it was just a bug. He’s now back to destroying the house one small piece at a time.

      1. gabrielablandy

        Yes, I see what you mean about timing. I submitted a short story, which I had read and checked for typos so many times. It was only after I sent it that I noticed a mistake in the first line. I wasn’t laughing.
        Glad your boy is back to his tricks.

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