I’m a winner

I had some wonderful news today. I’ve won a competition. Not just any competition, but a competition that will help my writing immensely.

A number of weeks back, I started to look into the editing process, how to turn a rough, clear stone of a first draft into a polished diamond of a book (hopefully). One of the blogs I’ve started following is http://changeitupediting.com by Candace Johnson, after being impressed by her series short series of blogs on effective writing.

Now recently, Candace ran a competition to offer free copyediting for a sample of work for anyone who have either liked any of her posts or who follow her blog, as a way of giving a little back to those who have been supportive to her (as well as being some great promotion for her), and I found out today that I had won.

I am, as you may expect, quite stunned. I rarely win anything I enter. I have spent years buying raffle tickets and taking part in sweepstakes, viewing each occasion as a charitable donation. It’s an arrangement I’ve been comfortable with as I’m very lucky in most other areas of my life, but this occasion I won, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to have Candace eviscerate constructively review my work, once I’ve completed my own editing and re-writing process. It will be invaluable to help me develop further as a writer.

If you haven’t before, please click on the above link and visit Candace’s blog to give her your support. You never know, if you visit her Facebook page, you too could be writing a post like this soon…….



11 thoughts on “I’m a winner

    1. dylanhearn Post author

      Hi Kimberly. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been taking a break from blogging. Congratulations on starting your first novel! That’s probably the hardest step, according to those much more experienced than I. The one thing I’ve found is that there is plenty of support available on the Internet (probably too much, as it can be very distracting, hence the break from blogging). Good luck with your journey and try to remember that no matter how hard it gets, you are doing something millions wish to do and yet never get there.


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