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Editing Question

Ok, I have a question for all you experienced authors. I’m in the middle of my first edit, have read through the manuscript from start to finish to identify any structural and flow issues, and am now going through line by line to tighten up my writing (or slash and burn as I prefer to call it).

I started out editing on a printed version of the manuscript, which I found excellent when cutting out unnecessary words, sentences or paragraphs, but clumsy when trying to amend text or expand where needed. I did this for the first two chapters and then entered the changes into Scrivener, which proved just as long winded as the original edit. I then decided to edit directly into Scrivener (which allows you to save versions of each section of your manuscript, giving you the option of rolling back the changes if you screw things up). I found this a much easier way of working, especially when expanding where needed.

Here’s the question: Am I missing something when it comes to the value of editing on paper? Does anybody else edit their electronic version of the manuscript directly?

OK, it was two questions.

If it’s just a case of whatever works for you, then great, but as I’m still at an early stage, I’d really appreciate any advice on this.

Many thanks in advance for your replies!