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The little boy in a hat

This is a post that I originally posted in my other blog, Suffolk Scribblings, but which is all about the writing process and the morality of us as writers, profiting from other people’s suffering.

Suffolk Scribblings

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been waiting for feedback from my alpha readers on my first book. As well as writing the odd blog post, I’ve been using my precious writing time to plan out my next book. I’ve been working it through for a week or so and got to a stage where I needed a turning point which would have enough emotional impact to tip my main character to do something they would normally never consider.

So, like most writers, I started to think about what would cause me pain and I immediately my children come to mind and how I would feel if they had an incurable illness. It is important for the plot that this illness cannot be treated on the NHS in the UK, even better that there is a treatment available abroad but that it would cost a lot of money. I…

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I have a new blog

I have just started a new blog. This is not a betrayal. Nor is it a separation. This blog was always intended to record the journey of writing my first novel and I intend to keep updating it as things progress, but as time has moved on I have found myself wanting to write about other things, completely separate from this journey. There is a lot going on in the world, both locally, nationally and internationally. I am interested in many things and I’d like to share my thoughts and opinions with the wider world. This is what my new blog is for. It will give me a chance to exercise my writing muscles on large and small subjects that I feel are important.

If you want to come along for the ride, please feel free to visit me at my new blog, Things I need to write about (snappy eh?) My first blog is about a gig at the village where I live.